About Dian


Dian Stevenson, MA, LPC • 404-583-2351

Dian uniquely offers both Talk Therapy and  Expressive Arts (e.g. the use of painting, creativity, and clay-work) in therapy to help children, adolescents, and adult women overcome fears, explore new possibilities, and transform their lives.

“I believe that there are deep, rich, untapped reservoirs of strength, and potential within each of us to overcome challenges and live a fully passionate life. Talk therapy and/or the use of the Creative Arts in therapy broaden the client’s opportunity to reach one’s full potential.”

Why use the Expressive Arts in therapy? Often, clients cannot find the words to express what they are feeling. The use of experiential art in therapy brings feelings and issues into a tangible and visible form for self awareness and change. Incorporating the use Expressive Art in therapy along with Talk therapy brings clarity and insight into a client’s life for empowerment and change. Expressive Art in therapy has a proven track record of helping individuals face their fears, grow, and heal.

Is prior art experience necessary? Absolutely not. Expressive Art in therapy is for everyone and offers another way to access feelings. The use of creative expression in therapy opens-up additional channels of expression in addition to Talk Therapy for self understanding.

Dian’s background includes over 14 years of experience working as a Creative Therapist in an educational setting with children of the Autism Spectrum, and Emotional-Behaviorally Disordered populations.  Her private practice target populations include facilitating individual and group sessions for women experiencing stress and unexpected life events, as well as, children/ adolescents, and women experiencing Trauma, Anxiety, Behavioral Concerns, and ADHD.  Dian is specifically trained to work with individuals experiencing trauma/stress through EMDR and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Disclaimer: While the act of creating is therapeutic in itself, No counseling services will be offered in the classes through Creativity by Dian. For psychotherapy services, please contact Dian at www.expressiveartintherapy.com

3 thoughts on “About Dian

  1. Dian, I am so excited for you and your new adventure. I am sure it will be successful as it is so needed in this world we reside in.Carolyn

  2. I think of her so often when I see posts from Tara. She reminds me of your mom so much when Aunt Audra was a young lady. I wish you all the goodness and success you can stand.

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