Express Your Creativity

Creativity Classes and Workshops
for Letting Go and Living Large

eart-45 detail w brushes

Overcome fears, Explore new possibilities, and Reclaim Passionate Living through Creative Expression.
Learn to quiet your busy life, relax, and listen to the intuitive whispers that guide your life as they become amplified through the Creative Process.
Experiencing a Career Change? Divorce? Life Event? Stressed? Feeling Stuck?
Creative Expression (e.g. painting, poetry, clay-work) brings clarity and self awareness into a tangible, visible form for change. Open yourself up to try new things, unleash your imagination and live a little freer. Gain confidence and discover new direction in your life through Creative Expression.
No prior art experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are!
Individual Classes and Private Group Workshops are available. All materials provided.

One thought on “Express Your Creativity

  1. Dian,
    Congrats!!! The site looks wonderful. All the best to you. I look forward to future additions and will add your site to my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

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